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$550 including shipping to CONUS. The gen 2 of the 9+ is an $800 reel and there really is not much of a difference between the gen. 1 and gen. 2

New, never fished. comes with box, reel and padded pouch.
black and "clear" color. clear is really just silver, the writing is black.
I got this to hang on my 8 wt. spey rods, but turns out I like clicker reels much more for spey casting. My loss is your gain.

A great reel for spey rigs. Will balance out most 7, 8, 9 weight spey rods and 9, 10, 11 wt. single handers. Though I have a friend that uses it on an 8wt. single hand.

I'll add pics tonight.

No trades please.
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