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SOLD: Hardy Taupo for sale;

The reel is used not new but considering the mileage I will call its condition excellent. It has a new set of springs courtesy of Archuletta's Reel Works.

Currently set for left hand retrieve.

This is not the gunmetal finish, it is the pewter finish and is beginning to acquire some patina at this stage of life.

The only noticeable mark is a very small nick shown in the image below.

Beyond that nick it is pretty much a perfect used Perfect.

Of course I still have the box and papers that came with the reel.

The leather case is good, no stains tears and the zipper is A-OK too.


Price: $500.00 including shipping via Priority Mail to buyers in the United States.

Payment: I will accept a check from long standing members or you can use Pay Pal.

Pay Pal Fees: Here's where it gets ugly, pay pal charges an even 4% which is $20.00. I hope you understand that if you choose instant payment someone must pay the 20 dollars. I will cover the postage and insurance for the reel but not the fees.

It is a fine reel and I trust you think the price fair.

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