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Hardy St. George 3 3/4" - Sale Pending

Hey gang. Hate to sell some of these great pieces of gear, but I have a pretty special rod on the way, and might have the chance to pick up another. So gotta move some things. Sad to see them go, but I know you'll give them a good home.

Hardy St. George 3 3/4" Right Hand Wind. Enameled reel. Agate line guard. Blue & cream case. Labeled for a Nova Scotia retailer. Dead mint condition. Includes a spare spool (very good condition) to make swapping out lines (dry or sink tip, single hand and spey) a snap. Will take up to a WF8 or light spey head/running line set up. I had 100 yds of 20# backing, a full Rio .030 running line, and a 480gr Scandi head on it. It was tight, but it WAS on there! Strong check, and a super classy reel. PHOTOS COMING SOON. Also listed on the Classic Fly Rod Forum. $500

Email: ryan.p.sabo AT gmail.com

Prices include Paypal fees and insured USPS Priority shipping in the U.S. Always interested in trades, with cash going the appropriate way. My wish list currently includes (I'm one of those 100% bamboo guys...):

8'-8'6" E.C.- or Maslan-built Powell
Payne Parabolic 7'9" (yeah, I know)
Sloan 7'10" Para-Taper (Heddon)
Floyd T. Lovens San Jose-era Thompson 100

Or, maybe you have something you think I'd get jazzed about. Let me know. Thanks for looking gang.

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