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Just putting this out there

I have a project on the go that I would like to complete, but would rather sell this reel than dip into the account. Wondering if there is any interest in it.

The reel is in " VERY NICE" condition ( hardly a mark on it only one slight blemish , otherwise this reel would be listed as mint) Hardy Princess, 2 screw line guard model....older version, not the new off shore models. I have three spare spools for it as well....and they are in very good condition as well. Wondering if there is anyone out there looking right now. I have a price in mind of $425 for the entire lot...that works out to $225 for the reel and about $70 each for the spools. Should have made the pricing a little clearer. That's canuck bucks...so in real U.S. money it would currently run about $ 340 U.S.

Like I said just wondering if there is any interest out there and thought I would post here first before the big E site.

The reel is designed for anywhere from a 5 wt and lots of backing up to a 7 wt and about 100 yds of micron backing.

Can you tell I really don't want to sell these, but another project needs to be finished off and I would rather do it this way.

Let me know what you think

Best regards


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Your price is very good. I sold one recently on the "unmentionable" site for more than that and it was quite well used.
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