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Rio UniSpey Multitip (w/ 2 additional tips), Hardy Mid Spey

Rod - Sold
Reel - Sold

Rio UniSpey 9/10 Multitip (head, the multitips werent full lines) w/ 2
additional tips (intermediate, slow sink) and included running line (old Hardy or SA of some sort, still in OK, not great, shape). - $50 shipped

This is a 60' line w/ the floating head, but the sinking tips are only 15' (whereas the floating head is 20') so its 55' with one of those tips. Head has 3 weeks salmon fishing on it, the running line a fair bit more (couldnt tell you how much more, a few weeks or so). The orange line is the running line, the body/head is blue (same as the floating head which is in the intermediate package -- intermediate head still on line).

Hardy Mach 65 for 8 weight line (65' traditional spey) - $35 shipped.

That line has 2 weeks salmon fishing on it, I think, and is in great shape. Orange running line, and a sky blue head.

Paypal ok.
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