Hello fellow salmon anglers:

This is a unique reel by the brothers Hardy. This leaded reel, that has the original knurled spool screw, the full turks head regulator which works as it should and the four cusps on the edge of the spool. It comes with a full-length 4 1/8" smooth brass foot with no file marks nor is it bent. The brass winding plate, which has not been polished and still has much of the original lacquer on it, has the fabled rod-in-hand trade mark and the domed ivorine handle which spins freely. This reel has the rather rare n-silver circular line guard (which turns easily) that was introduced in 1903 with the outer brass frame that is held in place with four screws. The caliper check has the more robust spring housing that one sees on reels that are post 1903. It comes in an older Hardy Selvyt bag that does not have any holes in it. There are no cracks, line burns, repairs, missing parts nor is any work needed to fish or collect this lovely salmon reel. $1,950. Add $30. for postage and insurance to CONUS.