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I just wanted to post a note with appreciation to Dana, Nobuo, Juro, Speybum, Sean, et al with regard to the auction CND Custom 14'-9/10 I received at last week's Clave in Fall City. I set it up with a Midspey 8/9, and after spending some time with it, I found it much to my liking, a joy to cast. Light weight, responsive and powerful. Not too fast and not too slow. Intermediate action would best describe it's action. Fit and finish are first rate with understated yet classy appointments. It was a pleasure and honor to meet Nobuo and shake the hand of the man who crafted such a wonderful instrument.

If it were not for the seemingly tireless and dedicated efforts of all the aforementioned individuals and others I have failed to mention, to assemble and organize such opportunities and events with which we all benefit and gain knowledge, skill and comraderie within the International Spey Community and Brotherhood and Sisterhood, I would still be protozoa, floating in a ocean of internet information.

I fish, therfore I am-I Spey that is my way.

Thank you,

A.D. Pose <")))><
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