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This may be a dumb question so bare with me. The only spey casting I've done was with my right hand on top and left hand on bottom. This is when the current was flowing left to right. If I'm fishing an area where the current is moving from my right to left, is there a cast I can perform or do I need to learn to cast with my left hand on top and right hand on bottom in this situation. Hope that makes sense.

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For those of us that are left hand stupid we make do with off shoulder casts but for river right as you say the casts would be double spey or snake roll (right hand up)- assuming downstream wind. If upstream wind you need to cast left hand up or if stupid like me cast off left shoulder with rihgt hand up with a single spey or snap t.

River left you would use single spey or snap t with right hand up assuming upstream wind. If downstream wind you would use left hand up DS or snake roll or same casts off shoulder with right hand up

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While switching hands up is desirable, it is not needed and almost all casts can be accomplished with the dominant hand up. Now some will say, and I tend to agree, it is nice to learn to cast with your non-dominant hand up but reverse casts work fine. As for casts, the possibilities are almost endless.

Assuming you want to leave your right hand up always:

River right w/ downstream wind:
doublespey, spiral roll

River right with upstream wind:
reverse single spey, reverse Snap-T or Circle T

River left w/ downstream wind:
reverse double, reverse spiral

River left w/ upstream wind:
single spey, Snap-T or Circle T

If the wind is light, and you have eye protection, you can interchange many of these casts (with the nexception of the spiral which I have found to be quite breeze sensitive)

If you do decide to learn to switch hands, the same menu applies except the reverse label is removed.

Hope this helps.
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