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Hairwing and Tube Flies for Salmon and Steelhead by Chris Mann

First, there was a discussion in another thread about this and other books using drawing instead of photographs ... I prefer photographs ... however the drawing are very well done for the most part ... by reading the back leaf I found out Chris Mann has a back ground as a Graphic Designer ... I guess that explains the drawings.

Second, the book is a good source of information on and the history of hairwing and tube salmon flies ... sometimes it was a little slow reading .. this fly begat that fly, which begat that fly, etc ... but still should be a good book to turn to when looking for that pattern.

Third, I would have liked more information on the rivers, times and how to fish the flies. Also more information on the inventors and why they developed the fly.

Fourth, would I say the book is worth the cost ... yes ... good book to sit on the tying bench for reference.

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