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Guideline Le Cie 4 pc 12'6 9/10 MF. European rated, equivalent to US 8/9. Medium fast, grain window 500 - 600. Lightly used, excellent condition. When George Cook rep'd for Guideline, this is the rod he sent his clients to Alaska with.

I snapped the tip on this rod a year ago being an idiot. When contacted, Guideline replaced it within ten days, the $100 charge through Paypal inc shipping from Europe.

Superb rod for salmon and big steelies. Light, heaps of reserve power, a joy to cast. Only fish from a boat with 9' and switch rods these days, so it sits unused.

This was a $700 rod when new. $250 firm Paypal, plus shipping Concus.

Will also trade across for a quality 8/9 wt. switch.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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