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I wanted to give one of the eagle patterns a go, since I have a lot of different feathers from a buzzard, not exactly an eagle, but a relative. So I went with an adaptation of the earliest Grey Eagle pattern:

WM - 23rd Feb, 1884, “The Dee Aberdeenshire Flies (2nd Article)”, Fishing Gazette.

Hook: AJ #1,5
Tip: Oval silver tinsel
Body: Black wool
Rib: Flat silver tinsel followed by oval silver tinsel
Hackle: The downy "marabou" found near the feet on a buzzard, wound from second turn of rib
Throat: A speckled buzzard flank feather followed by a slate buzzard chest feather, two turns each
Wing: Strips of buzzard tail, from the pale banded part
Head: Black

Knæk og bræk
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