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Greetings! (Introduction)

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Hello fellow fisherman!
Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jeff if you haven't guessed. Live out in the Seattle area and have owned a spey rod for a year or two but haven't taken the time to learn it. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR! Well I hope to at least have a fish able cast by mid-late summer.

Background: fishing gear as far back as I remember. Lots of worms; lots of perch. Then lots of bait; lots of trout. Picked up a Kmart special fly rod for fun when I was 12 and couldn't cast it at all! Fast forward to when I was 18 when I found a Sage Graphite 590 (as in graphite one) at a pawn shop for $50 and have been hooked since then. That's roughly 6 years ago. I think? Ages are all guesses.

Anyways, I really hope to learn a lot. I do have a tendency to be a lurker till I actually have something to add to the conversation but will do what I can.

Hope to get to know those of you who I haven't already talked to online on Washingtonflyfishingforum.


Current spey rods:
G.Loomis Roaring River GLX Stinger 12'6" #7/8 (this one feels too fast for me...looking for something softer to learn on)

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Welcome to SpeyPages!

When it comes to folks helping you out during your learning curve you couldn't have come to a better place.

When it comes to folks helping you out during your learning curve you couldn't have come to a better place.


I've been fishing a double hander for a year an a half (long time SH fly fisher) and have learned almost everything from this site. It truely is an amazing resource and you have access to some of the best two handed fishermen (and woman) in the business.

Welcome and enjoy the journey.
Welcome to the club!

This is truly a great site and I'm sure you can find someone in the area on this site to lend a helping hand and make the learning a bit easier.

I'm in the area every so often on business and will contact if possible and go out and throw some line.


Post in the "General" section

Just an FYI - I find I get WAY more responses when I post in the General section (except for specific rod, tackle or technique questions)...
welcome, Jeff
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