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hey guys,

I havent posted a fly in a little bit fly has had me busy. things are starting to look up a little bit and ive been able to do some tying over the last couple weeks. i decided to try my first fly using no sub.I did a Green Highlander variant. for the tag i used silver twist, i like the look. the tail look a little weak and could be better. im happy with the but. the body could use more sweep and more taper. i wish i had a large lace tinsel for the rib, i used a medium lace for i really like how lace looks. everything is as PT, but i dont care for the silk body so i used kelson body. pretty happy with the throat, but i think it could use more sweep as well. the wing came out a little more pointy then i would of liked. the roof could be a lot better and i split a little but when i put the topping on. i did pretty large duck side to really show them off and i really like the marking on the teal i used. the jc need a better curve and the crow now that i look at it seem a little low? the topping is not the nicest but only one i could find that would fit the wing. pretty happy with the horns i think there a tad short. happy with the head, probably my best head to date. need one more coat. over all im happy with this fly, i pretty much got the shape i was going for with it, i really liked using crow haha.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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