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Green Butt Wet and a Dee.

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No-name green butt heavily borrowing from The Psychedelic Green Butt Skunk by Mr. David Burns...
Leaf Net-winged insects Insect Plant Plant pathology

Some mistakes here and there; Tinsels on a floss body tend to slip around, specially with a tapered body going forward. The black dye I have is a little weak and so the hackle is rather muted and not of the best shape for the purpose. Toppings are about as straight as I've ever found - could be better though. It is what it is and not too horrendous though.

Gary Grant's Black Dragon Dee Wing:
Leaf Insect Invertebrate Plant Bug

Because I don't always have all the materials I can't/don't follow very many pattern - this one is as close as it gets.

Welcome to comment and critique...
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Beauties! Specially the first one
I just absolutely love your ties! Always a treat!!

Dynamic Duo :smokin::smokin:
The Dee is fabulous , a fall hunter for sure !!

Both of these are great, I especially like the wing on the green butt. Very sleek and sexy.
Thank you all.
The dee really is a beautiful dressing as per the originator and even when half-assed like I did here, it still manages to be pleasing to the eye. I'm looking forward though, anticipating late November and swinging the two for steelhead.

I really love the wings you are makin these days. so many pieces. love this underwing and while you think the hackle falls short, I think less than perfect hackles add a certain fishiness to a fly. I have really loved using my own birds feathers and all the odd variations involved in the barbs and such. I don't usually like toppings on flies, but it fits this fly. really lovely dressing. If you make it out west, we need to wet a line.

Super nice brother..love the first one..
Killer job with the setting..thanks
Thanks some more guys... and for the invitation Matt. I will be taking you up on that within the couple years - once I settle down for good in western WA.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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