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Any pix or recipes for a "realistic" Lake Michigan alewife? I plan on tying some tube fly versions of real baitfish and want to be accurate..
Am I right in thinking they should be 4.5 inches?

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Picture of realism. ?


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In "Tube Flies" by Les Johnson and Marke Mandel there is a chapter of patterns by a well known Swedish salmon guide (can't remember his name) and he has a gret alewife(y) pattern for tubes that is easy to tie as well.
I used to tie it when I lived in the G.L.

Although I can't remember the pattern now, it didn't rely on much more than a silver mylar body with white polar bear or arctic fox wing and blue hackle, jungle cock eyes and maybe some pearl flashabou to simulate the lateral lines unning down either side the of the fish's flank. 3-5" should do it. I think I put some peacock herl atop the polar bear wing to give it a dark back as well.

Another option is to adapt a Kenny Abrams pattern (for Stiped Bass). He has many good bucktail and flatwing designs that simulate the baitfish of the east Coast, that an be adapted to tubes as well. I think that site is www.stripermoon.com.


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Alewife pattern...

1/8” clear polythene tubing or waddington shank (of desired length)
Thread – white or clear 6/0
Body build up – lead wire wound round central 2/4 of body,
then sealed with epoxy/varnish; overwrap of clear 1/8” strip of clear polythene to a fat cigar shape; then final overwrap with pearly crystal flash to complete body shape. Mark top 1/3 of fly body with dark green permanent marker & allow to dry. Glue on eyes either side, and red gill markings with permanent marker pen. Overall 3 thin coats of epoxy & allow to dry.

Desired single hook with bunch of pearly crystal flash tied in just behind eye & allowed to flare.

If using tube, 2mm id clear silicon junction tubing slid over tail of tube, and run tippet through the tube, and tie on hook with desired non-loop knot, and snug hook eye into end of junction tube to rest on polythene tubing; or, just simply push tied on hook eye into end of 1/8” polythene tube.

Waddington – single hook to be attached to tail loop before fly assembly.

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Kingfisher schlappen palmered tail
Silver tinsel ribbed with silver wire about 2/3 the way up.
Hareline Ice Dub in "Steely Blue" for the body.
Palmer more Kingfisher schlappen over the blue dub and back twist some silver wire through it.
Hareline UV winging material (white) for the wing
A tuft of red metallic dubbing for the throat.
Top the wing with a couple strands of Peacock herl.

Seems to work best in the spring for me. The UV winging material has a very cool violet color to it when it gets in the water. I'll try to post a pic tomorrow.

I was fishing yesterday and the Mallards were chowing on Alewives everywhere. A hardware fisherman I know hit 3 fish on Alewive looking jigs, but I couldn't get anything to go.

Or try this:

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