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Hey hey peeps,

Just broke my cherry with this here post.

I'm looking for some guidance on line grain weights as per manufacture recommendations.

I'm referring specifically to T&T's DNA 1167-4XD.

Manufacture recommendations: #7 (350-425 grain).


I'm thinking of using Airflo's Rage Compact.

But check out this info:

I'm thinking ST 6/7 but it's weight is 450 grain.

Is this a concern I need to address for that T&T rod rated for 425 (max.) grain?


- D.

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to give some grain-range comparisons for the same rod length (4pce) & line rating:

Meiser MKS

12'6" #5/6 recomm 350-550 grains
12'6" #7/8 recomm 500-750 grains

Meiser Highlander S

12'6" #6 recomm 400-600 grains
12'6" #7 recomm 450-700 grains

Meiser Highlander C

12'6" #5/6/7 recomm 400-600 grains
12'6" #6/7/8 recomm 450-750 grains

each of the above rods are available (to order from Meiser) @ $400 less (for std build) and $300 less (for custom build) than the T&T 12'6" 4pce #6/7 DNA XD

the T&T recs seem to suggest that their "exceptional" rod is far weaker (able to carry less load) than other equivalents; I'd be tempted to to save the $300-$400 for the reel & lines, and drop the dime on Bob!! ;)


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Manufacturer recommendations are your starting point. The lowest (lightest end) reflects overhead casting and extreme light anchor spey casts. Heaviest leans towards skagit application. A lot of people are at home with the happy medium (in general with grain ranges) There are so many ways to rate rods and lines that it can be very confusing.

Your best options:

Start a thread with this specific rod in the title and lines other members have found to be a good fit.

P.M. members that are familiar with T&T rods. Black Francis and F Krow are two that come to mind.

Contact T&T direct and ask questions. Just a few weeks ago I emailed them and had immediate accurate replies. A nice change from the old wait and wonder.. Betting you could get someone on the telephone which would be better yet.

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