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Hi Guys, I have a CND GPS in 7/8 and wonder how the Winter Authority in 7/8 would stack up? Which is better for tips, etc. Where I live it is hard to test cast the WA and a hundred bucks is a lot to spend to duplicate a line I already have. The rods in question are the 8139 Burkheimer and a Meiser Highlander Classic 13' 6/7/8. Thanks, Keith

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I have been going through the same internal discussion. I was debating a WA to replace the 7/8 GPS I was using. This would be a winter line for a Meiser 1308 STM.

GPS 7/8 - 594 grains, 65' belly and 20' factory looped tip

WA 55 7/8 - 580 grains, 51' belly and 15' looped tip

I personally find the CND lines to be some of the best fishing lines ever made. That said, fishing 15' sinktips, I found the 60' (45 + 15) belly to be a bit cumbersome on both the Meiser and my 1308 T&T. I picked up the WA two weeks ago and so far, have been very impressed with its performance. It will turn over a 15' 9 weight type 8 and a 1.5 AJ without problem and shoots like a breeze. I'm not convinced it turns over or fishes any better than the GPS but the 9' shorter total belly is easier to handle and when coupled with OPST lazar shooting line, will certainly fly father if needed.

While I don't see a huge difference between the two, I do believe I will use the WA for winter and keep the GPS for summer full floater work.

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