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Goran andersson

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Anyone familiar with this guys action?what sets up the d loop position in his cast?im curious what the first move is before he goes into the dloop and firing position,,,I've looked at what little video there is of him and can't figure it,thanks mike
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he goes to a two hander later in this video but lots of good stuff

while it may be true that competition casters are using a lot of bottom hand, I would say that a very large number and likely a majority of two hand casters, especially those just getting into it, pretty much independent of line type are using too much top hand.

I think Steve Chote kind of picked up on Andersson's little beginning kick when he started using the snake single with long lines to help break line tension

I like the idea of taping your top hand to your body - keeping that elbow tight to your side really does help not only with the underhand style but even Skagit casting which also mainly uses the bottom hand
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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