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Goran andersson

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Anyone familiar with this guys action?what sets up the d loop position in his cast?im curious what the first move is before he goes into the dloop and firing position,,,I've looked at what little video there is of him and can't figure it,thanks mike
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Thanks rick,I have looked at that video many times,it only shows his setup move for a split second,not really thorough in the cast from start to finish
I can only find 3 vids on youtube none of which show the complete motion
I have of course checked you tube with his name,I see one with him in the spot on the big d with Leland's,a seminar where he is mic'd up, and a 4 minute one of him giving a tutorial,that's it.am I missing something maybe under a different wording
Thanks spaz

Mr. Andersson adopted his casting style because of shoulder pain. One good way to train against his style, which I refer to as 'pure' underhanding, is to duct tape your top hand elbow to your side, use a relaxed three-fingered ring grip on the upper hand, and use the bottom hand to 'stir the pot'.

Once you get it, it almost feels like cocking a Winchester 1894 with your bottom hand, and produces effortless, dartlike loops. Really fun.

what might be tough to catch on the video, as far as d-loop formation, is that this technique uses the bottom hand's motion to move the rod in such a way that the d-loop is formed and the anchor set. Henrik Mortensen's video's provide a near analogue, but Henrik's style is a little more loose, closer to modern scandi, but I've seen Goran also toss in some top hand arm, and even a little shoulder now and then.
Scandi casting becomes very individuated, very unique to each person who does it and what outfits they prefer, and the lines blur pretty fast under close examination.
Thanks for the insight spaz,it is really hard to catch nuances of ones casting stroke on video,I certainly pick up more visually than by reading about it.does his anchor stroke go left like a double Spey,then sweep to the right and form a d loop?his motion sure seems to be economical.i don't know exactly how far he can get it out there but I'm sure it's decent,he makes it look effortless ,and ps,,I own an 1894 in 32 caliber with a serial number well under a million which is pretty cool
iPad wouldn't let me look at your vid spaz,damn
Heero,yes on river left,,then river right looks like a modified double Spey of some sort
thanks rick thats one of the three I can find
thanks for all the insight guys,its all helped clear things up.now how do you get to Carnegie hall......
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