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Golden Demon

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It seems you guys have the mixed wings, built wings, freestyles, etc covered thoroughly. I'll just stick with my hairwings for now. This is a Golden Demon on a #4 7999 with a squirrel tail wing. It's good to be back looking at everyones' flies again. There is a serious amount of talent here. Thanks to all of you guys for posting.

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And you add to the mix

Love your ties
Nicely done, I just tied up a couple hairwings using squirrel tail recently. I really like how it looks in the water.
Nice fly. This reminds me that I need to add a couple of those to the box.

This fall I heard/ witnessed an awesome take on a gold demon. Unfortunately, I had just fished over the fish and my fishing partner was busy picking my boots.
Beautiful! Very nice and clean!

A beauty. What do you use to get those smooth, shiny heads?
Thank you guys very much for the nice words.

Reel, I've been finishing the heads with Hansen's Hard as Nails. My regular stuff thickened up like honey since I hadn't been tying. I bought this stuff 'cause I was in a jam and can't get to a fly shop easily. I tried using some other nail polish type finish on my wraps years ago and it looked perfect and glossy for about a month and then all the heads turned opaque white and looked terrible. Hopefully that doesn't happen this time.
What's not to like about this fly ??
It's super clean , sleek and sexy :smokin:
I have recently had my faith re-stored in hairwings and your flies are right down my alley .
Very nice work and very glad to see you posting again :)

Your fly is elegant and you know it fishes well. I have a good friend that tied one up for me and I really like to fish that pattern. As for the Hard as Nails, I think you will find it as a good fishing head cement. It's what I have used, the only time I find that it clouds up is when there is moisture in the air when I am tying outdoors, and the moisture sneaks into my wing butts. Otherwise, no issues.

That's really as good as a hairwing gets.
Couldnt say it better myself. What a gorgeous fly.
This is excellent tied !!!
Very clean and nice finished head !!
Love it a lot !!

Very nicely tied hairwing!

It looks like you tied it with silver tinsel for the body and ribbing, whereas the GOLDEN DEMON uses gold for both body and ribbing. Your wing looks like it is grey squirrel, whereas the GOLDEN DEMON uses bronze mallard (the original), red squirrel tail, brown bucktail, brown mink tail, or other similar brownish hair. And it looks like the hackle used is red, whereas the GOLDEN DEMON uses orange hackle.

Yours is very well-tied, but is doesn't look like a GOLDEN DEMON, it looks like a cross between the GOLDEN DEMON and SILVER DEMON.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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