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Hard to part with this one, but I just don’t have the opportunities to fish it that it really deserves.

One of a kind Flywerks RetroGlass Spey, designed and built by Steve Godshall.
12’7” 7/8wt with two tips - regular tip for scandi, Turbo Tip for skagit

$275 USD shipped

It’s a great rod with both tips, but with Steve’s Turbo Tip this thing is a skagit machine. Or as he put it “a killer regressive slingshot”. Beautifully built with Steve’s signature handles and feather inlay. I love this rod, but it’s more rod than I need for the rivers I get to fish with any frequency.

I’m the original owner, and it’s in 9/10 shape with just a little cork soiling.

I’ve also got 4 heads for the rod - 3 of Steve’s custom cut to the rod and an OPST ($25 each)
- SGS Scandi, 483gr @ 34ft
- SGS Skagit, 547gr @23ft
- SGS Scandoid, 520gr @ 35ft (this is made to throw 10ft tips up to 90gr, to fish at 45ft sort of like a Nextcast WA)
- OPST Commando 425 (really fun for close quarters)

I’d do $360 USD shipped for the whole package (rod+4 heads)


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