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Go down to the tackle forum and read through the thread on Kast (misspelled on the subject line) gloves. They're the best I've found and the thread gives you the plusses and minuses of them as well as some useful alternatives. A SEARCH here will also bring up several threads on this topic from the past year or so. In fact that's how I became aware of the Kast gloves a couple of years ago.

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I just have Neoprene gloves that I cut slits at the start of the finger (on the palm side) of the thumb, index and middle finger. When I need to tie knots I slip my fingers through the slits and tie the knot.

They are cheap and warm but you do get a bit wet and pruney since the slits will let a bit of water in and it doesn't dry out. But the key is they are warm and relatively cheap.
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