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Gled Wing
Hook: size 3/0 blind eye long dee, I used AJ 2091
Tag: silver tinsel
Tail: red golden pheasant saddle feather
Body: one third orange/yellow mohair and two thirds claret/purple mohair. I subbed angora goat
Rib: broad silver tinsel, I subbed antique (metal) silver
Hackle: black heron from yellow mohair or sub. I used burnt/dyed turkey
Shoulder: teal, I subbed Gadwell
Wings: strips of swallow tailed Gled, or red dun turkey, I used dyed turkey

Thanks guys for the kind comments.

fly fisher 'til it's over
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Is gled the wing style, or is Gled Wing the name of the pattern?

I've never heard of gled wing.

It looks like a typical spey wingset, although if separated, could be dee. Hard to tell with tipped fly.

Sorry.....spey newbee here.
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