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Jamey McLeod, Registered Addict, posted:

"The main thing that stuck out to me was that in "ALL" of my good walk in spots, I am typically casting 20-30ft further than I need to be. Part of it is undoubtedly due to last year being the first season I was really confident enough in my casting to spend most days with a two hander, and the seduction of seeing all that line going zinging through the guides had me casting as far as I could. I quiver at the thought of all of the fish I probably spooked last season."

The second year long range casting itch. I did the same thing with a Grand Spey with my 7141 and ARC 1409.

Then last year I bought my Sage 6126 and used my MS 7/8 or WC 678 with the upgrade. I caught more fish in the first 4 weeks than the entire season with the long lines and bigger rods.
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