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With so many options for LNG liquify plant in Northern BC, trying to locate it on Lenu Island is outright crime by Clark and her corporate cohorts. The second link clearly indicates that C. Clark is trying to sell BC to Asians. Petronas project would be fully funded by Malaysians and Chinese.

Greg Horne of the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition said he was alarmed by how quickly the approvals were granted, given their huge impact on the environment.

"The biggest issue with Petronas is obviously Lelu Island and the juvenile salmon habitat there," he said. "That seems like the last place to fast-track one of these assessments...In general there's a feeling of being railroaded, and down south in B.C. is where all the decisions are made and people here are bearing all the risks and not getting the benefits."

Although the B.C. government is pursuing rapid LNG development to develop a '$100 billion' prosperity fund, critics say those funds could come at the cost of other industries. A recent SFU study found that the sites for Pacific Northwest LNG and Prince Rupert LNG are in the most sensitive area for millions of Skeena salmon, with extremely abundant Sockeye, Chinook and Coho salmon.


Among locals' concerns, he said, were the the low tax rate, which B.C. reduced from seven to 3.5 per cent after Malaysian gas giant Petronas put pressure on the province. He added the infrastructure near Hazeltown was already being strained, and the large influx of temporary workers -- some of them foreign -- could have social impacts on the community.

But despite the B.C. government's quick approval, Petronas announced last week it wanted to delay its decision on the Pacific Northwest LNG terminal due to slumping oil prices. Without a terminal in the area, the future of other gas projects planned for the Prince Rupert appears more uncertain.

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