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George would say the title should be "Beau Beau goes Looking for Bow Bows at Isaak's Ranch.And,boy did we find them!It wasn't much of a search...more like a sure thing! The ranch with two lakes of 60 and 40 acres is near Coulee City in eastern Wa. George [253-833-0288] has been offering flyfishing days here for 23 yrs[april-june 10 & Sept 10 thru Oct]and is a well known speyfisherman,caster,instructor and equipment rep for Sage,RIO,Tibor,Simms,Smith,Solitude.etc,etc.]. How's that for the crass promotionalism?And, he is a dear friend and fishing /hunting companion. Saturday was winter steelhead weather...heavy rain...strong wind...cool enough to disable the fingers. But,that combination seemed to make the fishing..."insane"..'stupid",etc.On the other hand Sunday started with calm water and blue skies and mostly stayed that way. Fishing was merely "very good". Here are a few photos. The photos open with Trevor Ford from the pump[never walk past the pump without a few casts!!]. The 2nd shot is the same fish. The next spot down the shore offered this tailwalker to George. Then there is more of the same ending with a shot of one of my 4 Browns landed.
Trevor just finished college in Kamloops...Fishes all the lakes in B.C. he can....guided in Russia,guided and is guiding again this season for John & Justen Blackwell at their Dean River Lodge and Moose Lake lodge.

It was a great fun weekend. First time I have used a SH rod since 2003[I am bringing a small switch rod next time] on the Blackwater river with John Blackwell. There are always nice people around when flyfishing!! Topped off with Warren Sly's 24 month and 30 month aged cheese and my Hood Canal small oysters lakeside in the desert!
There are a few more pictures on my website at the end of flyfishing gallery [address is below, under my name].


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