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General question for Juro or Sean.

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How long does a new post stay up before it rolls off the board? Posts/replys can't stay up 'forever,' but it appears some are there for hours, some are gone in minutes.

This suggests a 'clear the board clock' is running.

Just interested.
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You are still here Fred
The weather is warming up.
I'm fi9shing the Spey again tomorrow.

Too cool! Had a chance to try the new rod yet?

Never had Juro make a message go away, so that wasn't the point of my question, just " computer ill......" Ho Vey, as Joan/kids say: "only with Adult Supervision." Dave Kelly (Avid1) was giving me 'instuctions' on how the Board controls work on the phone this afternoon. Think his 'how to' sank in as much as a feather into set jello.

(Dave: after fishing tomorrow morning you and I will go on line and have you hold my hand:rolleyes: )

All things with the family going well?
No haven't tried the new rod yet the Spey is 6" above summer level still 16' rod time.
Lost a big salmon after playing it for about 10minutes absolutly gutted my reel wouldn't wind in. Such is life.


Have had that happen with several steelhead, and I am sure it will happen to me next week.

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