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Gel-Spun Backing

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I have been thinking about using Gel-Spun Backing for a couple of my reels as it would give me more backing and give me piece of mind for an up coming B.C. trip. The backing i have been looking at is the "PowerPro", Cabelas sells it and it is not that expensive.
Pro's and Con's? let me know what you think, or what you use,thanks,brian:D
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The cheese cutters......:hehe: !!

I have used them, or rather had them on my reels for several years now. The main reason, as mentioned above, is that they take so little space up meaning that slightly smaller & lighter reesl can be used.

My rigs are such that I have about 50yds of #50 dacron spliced to the running line (100-150'), to be followed by 2-300 yds of #30 Orvis (whatever?) gel spun.

This way I rarely get to see the gel-spun. Maybe one Atlantic out of 25 will run longer than 50' yds + the running line. If it takes off further most of the gelspun can be kept in the air with the sturdy dacron dealing with possible rock abrasion ets. (The dacron of course is gentler to the hands as well.)

I think #50 is good as it is stronger than any flyline core or leader - meaning that on really can hang on in fights and also pull at snags with maximum force.

But again, this is only one way to deal with the problem.

"Tight loops"

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