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Gel-Spun Backing

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I have been thinking about using Gel-Spun Backing for a couple of my reels as it would give me more backing and give me piece of mind for an up coming B.C. trip. The backing i have been looking at is the "PowerPro", Cabelas sells it and it is not that expensive.
Pro's and Con's? let me know what you think, or what you use,thanks,brian:D
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Nail Knot

It sounds like you nail knot spectra to your fly line? If that is what you are doing, I wouldn't recommend it. Trey Coombs has a section in his book on Bluewater Flyfishing on connecting spectra to line and backing. I have used an albright to connect spectra to dacron and then made a blind splice loop in the dacron. It works great.

I like Per's idea of 50 yd of dacron in front of the spectra to protect the hands and take some of the abuse from rocks.
Bringing It Back

This has a good discussion of gel-spun backing.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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