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Gel-Spun Backing

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I have been thinking about using Gel-Spun Backing for a couple of my reels as it would give me more backing and give me piece of mind for an up coming B.C. trip. The backing i have been looking at is the "PowerPro", Cabelas sells it and it is not that expensive.
Pro's and Con's? let me know what you think, or what you use,thanks,brian:D
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Out of all the super braids on the market,there are only 2 I would use.

The best one according to the overwhelming majority of warm saltwater anglers world wide is a product from Australia called Bionic Braid.It is hot pink in color and most seem to use the 50lbs(which is apperently under rated in strength).

Power Pro is the number 2 choice,but it is less expensive and easier to obtain in North America.It is also considered an excellent choice for backing and is less money than Bionic Braid I believe.

Both of these lines have hard,slick coatings on them that hold up well(don't peel off) and make them superior to all other super braids or gel spun lines,especially when used on wire guides.Lines without this coating will have more friction on your guides and can eventually wear thru wire snakes(and yes I have seen guides on 8wt and higher rods worn almost in half from both dirty flylines and 30lbs gel spun backing).If you use high end ceramics and not wire guides then you wouldn't have anything to worry about(that's why alot of baitcasters and spinning rods handle the super lines well).

If I was going to use gel spun backing then I would definately use minumum 50lbs rather than 30lbs.50lbs Power Pro or Bionic Braid is thinner than 20lbs dacron so good capacity increases can still be had over 30lbs dacron.The 50lbs is considerably easier on the hands than 30lbs and,due to being a little thicker,will not want to bind into itself quite as much as the 30lbs either.

For myself,I would try to get the Bionic Braid if possible and if it's not too much $$$,otherwise get the Power Pro.I wouldn't get anything else but these two.
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