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Gel-Spun Backing

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I have been thinking about using Gel-Spun Backing for a couple of my reels as it would give me more backing and give me piece of mind for an up coming B.C. trip. The backing i have been looking at is the "PowerPro", Cabelas sells it and it is not that expensive.
Pro's and Con's? let me know what you think, or what you use,thanks,brian:D
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I've never used Spectra for backing but I have alot of experience using it when it comes to gear fishing.

First of all, Power Pro is the best there is. No other Spectra on the market compares...

3 things to remember...

1)Power/Spectra's knot strength is not up to what standard dacron or mono is. Allthough you will not have much of a problem as the only important knot you are using is your backing to flyline connection. But, watch out for slippage when you tighten it down and because Spectra is so thin, watch for damage to the flyline after you pull tight.

2)Power Pro/Spectra is extremelly susceptible to eating in on itself. Make sure you spool the Spectra on as tight as possible. Either have someone put an incredible amount of pressure on the spool from which you are taking it off of or take it into a shop that has a high power line winder. The tighter you put it on, the better...

3)The abrasion resistence of Spectra isnt as high as dacron. If you get a fish that goes absolutely nuts and takes you around sharp rocks or through heavy brush, check your backing for any frays...if they form, disaster could take place on your next good fish.

These may seem like a pain but in actuallity they are not that bad. Just be aware...the strength and diameter (or lack thereof) of Specta is awesome and I know many a bluewater fisherman that swear by this stuff over dacron.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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