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I bought a bunch of stuff from Gene Larson last month and have been selling the stuff I won't use. This is the very well known and highly thought of, integrated GAELFORCE 63 for a 9 weight. I think this one is nominally similar to a Nexty FF70 which is a line which I own and cast but have never fished. I don't think that there is a GAELFORCE healer in Seattle. The Nextcast is a head, uses mono for the running line and therefore allows me to change heads without changing reels. For me the trick on these longer heads is the lift. I would refer you to Travis Johnson's very enlightening book on spey casting if you have trouble casting these heads. The line is multi tone, in good used condition, and on the original spool, There is no box. The line has the weight marked on the tip end in magic marker. $70 to the US. $75 to Canada. Payment vis PayPal would be preferred but other forms of Payment can be worked out.

Thank you

Ken Dayton


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