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Every once an awhile we're fortunate enough to be involved with an event such as the one that took place in Denver. I felt privileged to be part of this project.
I recieved an e-mail today from G. Loomis, I thought it might be of interest to reprint this.

From The Desk Of:

Bruce Holt
Executive Director G.Loomis

Having just returned from the Fly Fishing Retailer World Fly Fishing Expo in Denver, I am pleased to announce that G.Loomis had a very successful show.

Gary Schaefer & Linda Hudson are to be commended for their execution and hard work. The booth, the atmosphere and the company were the talk of the show. Steve Rajeff did a remarkable job designing the new two-hand fly rods and coordinating everyone's input. (including the elite caster/anglers of the two-hand world). It was exciting to watch. Gary Loomis was there, with all his vitality and intensity. John Mazurkiewicz our PR/Media Communications expert, organized all the media contacts.

We had seven of the best "two-hand" fly rod casters/salmon anglers in the world help us design our new RoaringRiver two-hand salmon and steelhead two-hand fly rods and they were all there, talking to the press, the dealers and other folks in the industry. Many thanks to Rick Whorwood, Gary Champion, Mariusz Wroblewski, Chris Seipio, Steve Choate, Neil Houlding and again, Steve Rajeff for all their hard work and commitment. Time will tell as to how successful the new product line will do in the shops, but it won't be from lack of effort.

Gordon Black, a renowned bagpipe player from Paris, Ontario, Canada, led the anglers, Spey rods in hand, to the booth on opening morning. The entire show stopped to watch them parade through the building. When they stopped at our booth, Gordon gave a toast similar to the one they give each year at the opening festivities on the Spey River in Scotland, under the arch of the long, two-hand rods held by our promotional anglers. It was a tingling, exciting and very fun happening, Buz Dabkowski, a representative of the Glenfarclas Single-Malt Scotch company gave a second, traditional toast and everyone received a special snifter-style scotch glass made especially for the event. Both were dressed in the traditional Scottish kilts and all the finery. The crowd was ten people deep All Around our booth. It was very dramatic and many folks came up to me even as late as the last hour I was there on Sunday, stating how much they liked the whole experience.
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