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Hello everybody!
Have You tried this baby? I fished whit this cannon in Morrum, Sweden this spring. This rod is a ultimate rod for any big fish in meduim river. Have anybody else this rod? What You like it?


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G. Loomis GLX 12' 6'' #9/10

Sadly, this U.S.-made rod is not available in the U.S. at this writing.

Steve Rajeff of G. Loomis teamed with the Syrstad brothers of Orkla, Norway to design a new series of two-handed rods for the Scandinavian market. These rods include the following, which is an incomplete list:

GLX 12' 6" #7/8
GLX 12' 6" #8/9
GLX 12' 6" #9/10

GLX 14' #10/11

GLX 14' 6" #10/11
GLX 14' 6" #11/12

With sufficient pressure (Rio Scandinavian Heads?), these fine rods may find their way onto North American tackle shelves.

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Hello Finnfly

I have the new GLX 12,6ft 8/9.
It`s a casting mashine with shooting heads.
The rods have a different action to the normal GLX spey rods.
The 12,6 have more tip action and work great with Guideline shooting heads.
The only problem is the workman ship of the rods, any other 200Euro rod is build better.
I offer Loomis to trade my new factory rod in a blank, good deal for Loomis but they don`t want.
Now i decidet to sell the rod because of the finish of the rod.


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On the Scandinavian market there is (not on the US Market) (speyrods):

GLX 12,6´ #7-8
GLX 12,6´ #8-9
GLX 12,6´ #9-10

GL3 12,6´ #7-8
GL3 12,6´ #8-9
GL3 12,6´ #9-10

Forcelite GLX 13´ #9-10
Forcelite GLX 14,9´ #10-11 "Spey"
Forcelite GLX 15´ #10-11

Forcelite 13´ #9-10
Forcelite 14,9´ #10-11 "Spey"

GLX Distance 14,6´ #10-11
GLX Distance 14,6´ #11-12
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