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I'm really torn about the idea of putting up for sale my first ever spey rod... It's in amazing shape the Echo Dec Hogan II 7130. I just don't know if I can do it, or what it would even be worth...

You see I have a bit of a problem and have already bought 3 Beulah Rods this yr (So Far). I realize I don't have ⅓ as many rods as some of you addicts out there. (You Now Who You Are) With our numbers on a steep decline, buying another 7wt seems silly without moving one. That Deco was how I hooked and landed my very first steelhead on the fly. I mean that's gotta be worth something, how do you put a price on good karma?

I have decided to sell my G Loomis IMX Pro 51111 (albeit with little interest). It's more of a Tweener rod for me, I mean it's a perfect summer steelhead rod and an amazing big water trout stick.. However close by I have no big trout water so my IMX 31111 works perfect. And more importantly my 2 Beulah 6wts are going to be my go to long line rods for summer steelhead work.

I'm worried, how much bad karma is going my way if I sell off my First? Does this mean I can only sell it to a virgin, how do these rules work?

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