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Great little rod for a little river like the Cedar. I took it out last night. After no casting practice for weeks, I did surprisingly well with a 15' mono leader and a BH Bugger. Later, I put on a Rio 12' fast-sink leader with couple feet of tippet and a cone-head Zuddler--this set-up seemed to cast even better.

I'm finding that as I learn more and practice more, the various casting styles (Skagit, Scandi, "traditional") seem to blend into something that works for me. A dump cast while the sinking leader sinks leads to a great cast, as does a quick touch-n-go. I'm even managing fairly decent snake rolls and snap-T's (or are they circle-c's or something?).

With approximately 60' easily with every cast, this set-up covers all the water, mends great on the swing, and makes available water surrounded by over-hanging brush.

And no, no fish. Nary a bump. Nor rise, nor follow.

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