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Well, I've decided to learn Skagit casting, because, well, it's all fun! So I've tried some other lines, but finally got around to using a Windcutter 10/11/12 with both tips removed and about 13 feet of 11wt level sinktip on a Dec Hogan 8wt this afternoon.

Well, since silvers are theoretically in the rivers I put on a silver and blue 1.5 inch unweighted tube fly tied on plastic. It didn't exactly suck, but over 50 feet, there wasn't enough power to pull 30 feet of running line left dangling down in the current.

I hit a deeper, slower stretch of water, where I actually thought I had a chance at a silver, and I switched over to a VERY heavy clouser full of flash, etc. Everything changed! Distance, control close or far, and the line made the reel chirp on just about every cast with very light casting strokes. When they said Skagit casting was designed to cast big heavy flies, I didn't know that meant that big heavy flies were an integral part of the equation! At least they are with the set up I used and with my meager abilities!

So, my question to those of you who actually know what you are doing is that Mr. Ward said Skagit casting works great with full floating lines. Based on my limited experience, I don't understand this statement. Anyone have experience and can enlighten?
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