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I have 1 of just 50 Wheatley 150th Anniversary Edition Replica Boxes for sale. While Wheatley produced many 150th anniversary GrafX aluminum boxes, they only made 50 of these. They are "A faithful and accurate reproduction of the original leather bound fly box/wallet lined with cork sheet. First produced by Richard Wheatley in 1860... " The box comes with flies tied by Terry Griffiths - the fly patterns are correct for the mid-nineteenth century. The flies are superb, every bit as interesting as the box. Also included is small booklet signed by Wheatley's Managing Director. The original Wheatley card stock box is present too.

Everything, including the flies, are in their original condition.

I'm asking $275 for the box plus $8 postage to the lower 48. Offers will be considered.

PM if interested.


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