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I have a vintage 4" Hardy wide drum Uniqua reel for sale. The reel dates from the 1930's - it has a Duplicated Mark II check, ribbed brass foot, fat Ebonite handle and telephone style drum latch. The back is stamped MADE BY HARDY BROS LTD ALNWICK ENGLAND SIZE 4" THE "UNIQUA" REEL BRIT PAT NOS 145904 & USA 369867 DUPLICATED MARK II.

This reel is intended for right hand retrieve. But, the placement of the spare spring & pawl allow for the reel to be used in a left hand setup also - see photos #6 and #7.

Mechanically, the reel is in fine order. The check is strong and loud in either setup. The spool spins freely and there is no end play. There are no chips or cracks and no line grooves. The foot is full length, straight and unaltered. About the only knock is the back plate where the finish appears to have been rubbed a bit too much.

I'm asking $395 for the reel including postage to the lower 48. PayPal only please and I'll pay their fees.

PM if interested.


#6 Below: Set Up For Right Hand Retrieve

#7 Below: Set Up For Left Hand Retrieve

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