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FS: Vintage 4-1/4" Hardy Perfect Wide Drum with Line Guard, circa 1930's SOLD

*** SOLD ***​


I have a good vintage 4-1/4” Hardy wide drum Perfect for sale. The reel probably dates to the late 1920's. This one has a revolving line guard, Duplicated Mark II check, smooth brass foot and fat Ebonite handle. The regulator has a nice 'rope' style knurled edge The winding plate is stamped “MADE BY HARDY BROS LTD THE “PERFECT” FLY REEL PAT NOS 24245 & 9281”. It is not stamped with its size but it measures 4-1/4”. The spool measures 1-1/2" wide (compared to a 1-1/4" spool width on the 4" size Perfect). There is also a " TC " neatly engraved into the winding plate. The line guard has the usual “HARDY”S PAT” stamp.

Mechanically, the reel is in excellent working order. The spool spins well, without any wobble or hesitation. The check works properly and adjusts fully. The line guard even revolves as it should. The foot is full length, straight and unaltered. There are some faint ink markings on the bottom of the foot that would probably rub out. And, there is some line dressing residue on the arbor although the walls of the spool are fairly clean. There are no notable issues with the reel; no cracks - not even a hairline, no rim chips, no prior repairs and everything looks original.

PRICE NOW $xxxx for the reel plus $xx insured Priority Mail to the lower 48. PayPal only please and I'll pay their fees.

PM if interested.


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