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I have 3-1/2" wide drum Hardy Perfect with a revolving line guard for sale. Given its markings and features, the reel probably dates from the 1930's. It has a Duplicated Mark II check with spares, ribbed brass foot and Ebonite handle. The revolving line guard is stamped "HARDY'S PAT." and the winding plate face is marked "MADE BY HARDY BROS LTD ALNWICK ENGLAND SIZE 3 1/2" THE "PERFECT" FLY REEL PAT NOS 24245 & 9261".

The reel is in excellent mechanical condition. The spool spins freely - no wobble or hesitation. The check regulator screw adjusts very smoothly. And the check mechanism works exactly as it should. The teeth on the sprocket wheel show almost no wear. Even the spool locking screw is in fine shape. The foot is full length (3-1/8"), straight and unaltered. Two screws hold the foot to the frame. The reel shows no chips or cracks and no signs of prior repairs.

Cosmetically, the reel looks quite good. The finish has faded to a nice aged state with a little more wear showing around the handle. The spool is virtually free of any old line dressing residue, even on the arbor. All the reel's components appear original. A very nice classic.

I'm asking $1,250 or best offer for the reel plus postage and insurance. PayPal only please and I'll pay their fees.

PM if interested.


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