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FS: Various Orvis Spools.

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Theese are basically just collecting dust. They are all new and unused and very much surplus to requirements. Add $7 for shipping.

Orvis Mach III titanium spsp $30

Orvis Battenkill 7/8D Sparespools, lot of 3 $50

Unknown Orvis Spey reel (cant remember) spare spools
One is approx 4" and the other 4 1/4"
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How much you asking for the unknown spools?

Sorry about that, $30 for both.
I will take the orvis 4 1/4 spool. pM sent
Both unknowns SPF.
Hello addni,.

Was wondering if you still have the Orvis Mach III spool?


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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