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FS Steve Abel Luggage “Holds Everything Bag. The Dimensions of the Bag are 20”X11X10” for a Total of 1450 Cubic Inches. Built to last a lifetime of 1000 Denier Nylon, with Eight Hard Nylon Feet to hold the Bag out of the
water while you are in a boat or other carrying convienience. There are four padded pockets on the outside of the Bag. Heavy Duty Corrosion Proof Zippers are featured. The Main Compartment can hold Your Reels, Fly Boxes or anything you need. There is plenty of room to holda Rain Jacket, or Sweater, and there are a total of 27 Total Pockets and Pouches in the Holds
Everything Bag. In addition there are Two Airflow Shooting Head Organizers for Your Spare Lines, Shooting Heads or Leaders.
This Piece of Luggage is in Excellent Overall Condition with only a stain on the Leather Abel Patch to mar the Bag’s appearance.

$110 Shipped


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