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just one more cast...
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hi folks,

Having sold my longer rods, I have two lines I'd like to part with, $50 each, shipped to US. Take them both for $85 shipped! Paypal, check or M.O. ok.

1. Rio Windcutter (orig. yellow) 10/11/12 with Tips. I bought this line here in the Spey Pages classifieds several years ago, and have never spooled it up. It was sold to me as "lightly used" or "demo cast only", I don't recall exactly, but it looks to be in fine shape, and two of the tips appear unused. Tips in the wallet are Clr Int., Type 6, and Type 8.

2. SA Mastery Series Tri-Tip WF12 F/S. This line is brand new, though the box is a little beat up. Includes Floating, Clr Int., and Type 5 tips.

many thanks,


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