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Aluminum black powder-coated takedown frame
Rear deck
Adjustable foot rests, and oar stops
2 oarlocks plus 2 spare
anchor system with two pulleys

10 foot by 19 inches
Pontoons weigh about 50 pound total
Each pontoon has 8 stainless steel D-rings
Replaceable Halkey Robert-style valves for quick inflation and deflation

Carlisle Oars
7 foot 2 piece push-button takedown aluminum shaft
5.5" x 26" high impact polypropylene blade
2 OarRights

14 pound anchor
Scotty Rod Holder
Outcast K-Pump

I bought the boat new a long time ago and used it occasionally on medium to low gradient rivers such as the Yakima, Skykomish and a few nearby lakes. The pontoons are in good shape with about 3 patches. At 65 pounds, it is light enough to carry a short distance or tie down on top of the car.

The boat is in Everett Washington near Mill Creek.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts