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These are the last two gems I am parting with. And two of my favorites.

Ross CLA 5 in outstanding condition. No dings or scratches. No rash. Very very light use. Comes with box, manual, blank warranty card, and pouch. The reel is loaded with 150 yards of brand new 30 pound green backing. A very bomber reel that fits switch rods 7 and up, most spey rods 13 feet an below and single hander 8-10. Diameter of the reel is 4 inches. I had it mounted on a 7 weight switch rod and felt it was perfect the few times it has been out. Selling for $150 shipped and I cover fees.

Hardy St. John MK2. I have owned 3 of these and this was my most babied, two and a spool of which I just sold. Very well maintained and very light markings. I love the St. John for their very long adjustment from very light to very strong. My favorite reel for all rods sub 12 feet 8 weights and 7-9 weight single handers. Reel diameter is 3 7/8”. The reel comes a Fishpond 3 reel case. Selling for $160 shipped. I’ will ditch the reel case and sell for $150 if not wanted. I’ll cover fees.

I will sell everything as a package deal shipped for $300.


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