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Winston BIIX 9' 7wt- Rod is in good condition comes with original tube and sock. $235 plus shipping

Sage DS2 890-4- Wont find many is any rods of this age in better condition, barely fished. Comes with original tube $175 Plus shipping

Ross FlyStik Medium (7'11 8wt) Fun little rod for bass and throwing streamers. Comes with original case $100 plus shipping

Rainshadow RX6 12'6" 6/7 Purchased the rod from a forum member a year or two ago as a back up rod. only fished it a handful of times I do not have rod sock or case. I am including SA 560 skagit head with the rod. $125 plus shipping[/B]


Ross CLA 5 in good condition and has not been fished much. The reel looks good and functions perfectly. Comes with original neoprene case. $135 plus shipping.

STH CR POP 456- Cool little cassette reel. has been used but is in good shape and functions perfectly. $100 plus shipping

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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