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Both are new for 2020. The GameChangers were new for 2019, but the lighter sizes are new for next year.

Both have only been test casted for the briefest time (switched to a Scandi for fishing). I’d suggest getting a medium MOW 3D for the 400 Skagit GC, not this light version. For the head, I ended up going with the next size up.

Buyer to pay shipping, I’ll cover the PayPal fee.

1) Rio Skagit MAX GameChanger 4D (F/I/S3/S5) 400gr 18’. Includes box and new-for-2020 factory Rio labeled ziplock bag with grommets (like Airflo). $40 SOLD

2) Rio Light 3D (S5/S6/S7) MOW Tip 10’ $20
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