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Penn Gold Medal Freshwater no 3, Fine condition very rare fly reel with pouch, made in Scotland by Sharpe's of Aberdeen around 1996.

This reel, which was also sold in silver anodising as the Sharpe's Menteith, has a unique patented "reversable braking mechanism" http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?CC=GB&KC=A&ND=4&FT=D&DB=worldwide.espacenet.com&NR=2299921A&bcId=2&return=true&date=19961023&locale=en_EPenabling the drag and LHW or RHW to be set from the controls on the back plate.

Size is 3 5/8" with capacity measured at the time as DT7 plus 75 yds.

Just a a couple of cosmetic marks on the rim, $220 including shipping and insurance (from England) by UPS to North America. £125 in UK.

Just send me a PM with your email address, and I'll send a PayPal invoice.


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