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For your buying pleasure today, we present the Patagonia Stormfront Great Divider boat bag. 29L capacity for all those folks who need to take along too many fly boxes, reels, spools, spare gloves, beer and red vines on those float trips. A great boat bag in excellent condition except its missing one of the dividers - which has gone astray in the abyss that is my tying room - if I find it, I will include it. There are some small rust spots at the bottom of the detachable inner transparent pockets because some doofus who will remain nameless, left some old flies in them. Think of it as patina, not rust. Also comes complete with a set of conversation provoking, trendy flyfishing stickers, which can probably be removed easily if you've got a beef against any of the entities but I can't imagine why you would.

This bag is a few years old. You can read details about the similar current model here ($249 retail.) https://www.patagonia.com/product/stormfront-great-divider-waterproof-boat-bag-29-liters/48254.html?dwvar_48254_color=DFTG&cgid=sport-fly-fishing-packs-gear#tile-5=&start=1&sz=24

The price for this handy artifact is a reasonable $125US. Shipping at cost to CONUS or Canada. Payment via Paypal.



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